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About Us


Your partner in financial planning

Financial planning done right can change the quality of one's life. Our team consists of highly trained advisors to partner each client at every step of their journey - that way, clients can focus on enjoying life with the assurance that their assets are managed in good hands.

With that business philosophy in mind, finexis advisory Pte Ltd was set up in 2005 in Singapore, and has grown to be one of the largest independently-owned financial advisory firms in the country. In 2010, finexis advisory (HK) was founded in Hong Kong, serving as a bridge between the two financial hubs - a testament of being the frontrunners of the industry.

Most recently in 2015, Finexis Asset Management (FAM) was set up in Singapore to help clients maximise their investment portfolio through the management of risk for greater returns. Being in a neutral position further enables us to provide a comprehensive wealth management solution to the interest of our clients.

Independent Counterparts

Our Singapore counterparts, finexis advisory Pte Ltd and Finexis Asset Management, are recognised and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), which exercise strict regulations in Singapore’s financial landscape. 

As independent entities, we are not pressured by any institutions to hard-sell products. Instead, we provide tailored solutions based on every client's needs - so that they get to enjoy stability and growth for the long-term. 

Private Wealth Services

With financial advisory and insurance brokerage licenses in Singapore and Hong Kong, we work closely with our network of private banks to provide private wealth services to clients around the world. With years of experience managing the portfolios of the high and ultra-high net-worth individuals, we provide a list of services that's based on each client's unique goals in their wealth experience.

Cross-border Structured

We possess unparalleled experience and unique advantages from working with high and ultra-high net-worth individuals. We provide cross-border services to our clients through services that include asset management, insurance and private banking. We adhere to principles of professionalism and long-term cooperation with our clients to help them achieve sustainable growth in their portfolios.

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